70pcs Beading Hoop Earring


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 6.46 × 5.39 × 0.47 cm
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• [Package includes] 70 K gold round earrings. 4 sizes, 20 pieces of 12mm, 20 pieces of 15mm, 20 pieces of 20mm, 10 pieces of 25mm. A variety of sizes can be selected, and a sufficient number can be used and replaced for a long time.
• [Easy to use] Round earrings are very easy to make various crafts. Just open the opening of the earrings to be assembled and put the golden round earrings in. Round earrings can be matched with various small accessories. Make different styles of earrings.
• [Multiple styles] You can make different styles of earrings by using simple earrings and pendants. According to your own preferences, you can match different types of small accessories, so that your ears can wear different styles of earrings every day to show you more charm.
• [DIY crafts] No longer is a single earring, a simple gadget can design a brand new earring, no longer worry about the earring pendant is not your favorite style, you can design some novel earrings according to your own ideas, you are the master of fashion.
• [Wide use] It is very suitable for making key rings, sweater chains, necklaces, earrings, clothing zipper loops, 4 sizes, to meet different needs, recycling, and very environmentally friendly.