18 Pieces Beading Needles, 6 Sizes Seed Beads Needles


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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 0.83 × 0.51 cm

Beading needles are made of good quality metal material, can use for long time,solid and durable


Large eye beading needles set:6 sizes of 1.89 inches, 2.2 inches, 2.9 inches,4 inches,4.5 inches,5 inches long with one clear needle bottle, easy to take and carry, easier to meet your different needs

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• Big Eye Beading Needles Set: 18 Pieces 6 Sizes Beading Needles can meet your different needs in different projects. Our Beading Needles can help you make beading jewelry bracelets better and faster.
• Lightweight and Thickness Needles:Our Seed beads needles are lightweight and fine thickness. It's thin enough for threading beads of various sizes. It's light enough and small enough to fit in your pocket, which is very convenient
• Usage:This pack of big eye beading needles is a must-have for all lovers. Big eye is flexible yet strong and accommodates most thread types and bead sizes. Needle can be used for any style of beading.With these beading needles,you will no longer need to spend unnecessary time trying to thread string through small needle eyes.